The Scone That Became a Bread That Became a Scone

I love how recipes evolve. I have a recipe a friend gave me years ago for Pasta a la Pavarotti. It’s copied from a newspaper, and it makes me laugh every time I read it. The first instruction is, “Sing the tenor part of an opera, preferably Verdi.” Later, it talks about mixing the ingredients with an available device “not your hands, please, because you must be considerate toward your sopranos.”

My friend made notes on the page indicating changes she had made, including using cavatelli instead of spaghetti and increasing the amount of fresh herbs in what is, essentially, a red pesto sauce. I made a few changes of my own, and it’s in our regular rotation when we have guests.

These scones took a similarly roundabout route. I have (and love) Molly Yeh’s cookbook, Molly on the Range. I had marked her Dark Chocolate Marzipan Scone Loaf as a recipe to try—it looked delicious in the photo, and I adore marzipan.

The recipe was simple and came out as advertised. The taste was wonderful, but it was crumbly enough to make it not ideal for serving to guests (Molly recommends a sharp knife). One morning while walking Ginger, I remembered that the headnotes for the recipe talk about how this was originally a scone recipe. She turned it into a loaf because the scones didn’t keep well, but here at the inn, we don’t have that problem…

Et voila! I added mini chocolate chips, small chunks of marzipan, and a quarter teaspoon of almond extract to my regular scone recipe, and the Chocolate Marzipan scone was born. Or, rather, baked.

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